Cities between Orange County, California and Anaheim, California

Santa Ana
California   20%
2 miles or
4 minutes
8 miles to go, or
16 min
Plantation Mobile Home Estates
California   60%
6 miles or
12 minutes
4 miles to go, or
8 min
South Anaheim
California   80%
8 miles or
16 minutes
2 miles to go, or
4 min

Nonstop driving from Orange County, CA to Anaheim

If you drive straight through without stopping at all, the total distance is 10 miles. The distances shown above don't include local roads to get into each town, so if you're planning a long road trip, make sure you factor in traffic and road conditions, rest stop breaks, and interesting detours along the way. If you're in a rush, you can do the trip with zero stops, and your total travel time would be around 21 minutes.





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